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Welcome to PASS - 2015 Challenge Exams and CFE

Comprehensive 2015 CFE Course - Toronto and Edmonton - offered in-class and live online format - perfect to take while in Capstone 2

Financial Accounting Technical IFRS/ASPE Course - for students who did NOT take the PASS Challenge Exam Course

New In-Class Financial Accounting Technical IFRS/ASPE Course in Edmonton

Dedicated Indian/Pakistan CFE Course

Extensive 15 Day Course for 2015 Challenge Exams - Offered In-Class, Live Online or Video Format
-- Extensive Coverage of All Competencies
-- Write Simulated Exams Which are Marked and Debriefed
-- Over 650 Multiple Choice / Objective Format Questions

CFE and Challenge Exams Detailed Study Plans

Supplementary Material for Students Attending the Modules

Excellent Feedback from Past Students

Course Fees are Tax Deductible

"You guys did an absolutely amazing job! The course more than paid for itself" - T. Rahim

"There is no way I would have passed the CA exams without PASS. I highly recommend PASS to all those writing the CA exams." - N. Winokur

"The way you run your program is just the perfect way to pass the UFE." - M. Khoushnood

" I will gladly recommend the PASS Case Writing Course as I believe it greatly complements our technical skills and experience." H. Rghavan, C.A.

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Information Session for the CPA Exams

Past CMA MC Questions for Core 2 Exam

Business Valuations Video and Notes


CFE Course Options:

Pick One

CFE - Comprehensive Course - Toronto - In-Class: August 4

CFE - Comprehensive Course - Live Online: August 4

Challenge Exam Courses Options:

Core 1 Courses

Toronto - In-Class - Aug. 21, 2015

Live Online - Nov. 13, 2015

Ottawa - In-Class - Nov. 13, 2015

Assurance Elective Courses

Toronto - In-Class - Sept. 24, 2015

Live Online - Dec. 17, 2015

Ottawa - In-Class - Dec. 17, 2015

Tax Elective Courses

Toronto - In-Class & Online Video - Sept. 25, 2015

Live Online - Dec. 18, 2015

Core 2 Courses

Toronto - In-Class & Online Video - Sept. 25, 2015

Live Online - Dec. 18, 2015



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